Lloret de Mar – Travel information for schools

One of the most amazing opportunities for a high school class trip on the coast of Catalonia is the enchanting town of Lloret de Mar, a seaside destination that offers much more than just some of the best beaches in Spain. About 75 km away from the bustle of Barcelona and just 40 km from Girona, the splendid beaches of Lloret de Mar are considered the best of Costa Brava and constantly receive the Blue Flag distinction. With beaches and water sports, but also a rich cultural and natural heritage, a Lloret de Mar high school class trip is the perfect experience. Featuring old historical settlements, medieval castles and monuments, but also beautiful churches and parks, backed up by the famous beaches of the Mediterranean and plenty of outdoor activities, Lloret de Mar creates the perfect environment for an insightful and pleasant trip, especially for young people in search of an unforgettable experience.
There are certainly many things to see and do in Lloret de Mar, starting with the fantastic beaches, considered some of the best in Spain. There are many beaches in this destination, several of them receiving the Blue Flag for organization, cleanliness and water quality, including Lloret, Santa Cristina, Fenals or Sa Boadella. Beyond the fun and relaxation of the beaches, there are plenty of activities available, like hiking the enchanting trails along the coast. No high school trip to Lloret de Mar is complete without the exploration of its cultural sights, from the ancient Iberian settlements to the impressive Castle of Sant Joan. Other fascinating attractions worth a visit include the Maritime Museum, the Santa Clotilde Gardens, the Church of Santa Roma, the Monument to Fishermen’s Wife, the Modernist Cemetery of the Indianos and many others. All of these and many more highlights make Lloret de Mar an astonishing destination for anyone looking to mix active fun and cultural discovery.

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School trips

School trips are the highlight of the year
All school children would all year in school trips, taking classes together and are always an important time of year.

School trips have always been very popular among students and were always the highlight of each school year. School children await each year back to school trips, they can experiment with their classmates and some teachers together. The choice of target excursion always remains a sensitive and very emotional topic that should be discussed and thrashed out a long time and even the smallest detail normally. There is hardly a discussion, students participate so vividly and with such enthusiasm and vigor, and the choice of location for the class trip. The definition of the event program for school trips is a very hot topic discussed that should be regulated by teachers and students together in the form of a suitable compromise usually.

School trips are short journeys that have one or more classes together with their class teachers and some other teachers as reinforcement. This field trips are designed to strengthen the sense of community among schoolchildren and class cohesion. On school trips, individual children learn better, because here are not only at school and in the classroom, but also in their free time and even at night. For most school field trips are very special because they can travel with their friends and once without parents a few days.

In the lower grades, school trips are conducted only within Germany. Only from the upper stage, ie after the tenth school year, field trips are planned abroad. The largest class trip is the last trip year, which stands at the end of the school and serve as a graduation trip. Here you can say goodbye to his classmates and teachers, again.

The hardest question of all field trips is the question of the goal of rice. Here we must consider exactly what is temporary and reasonable financial and yet tries to satisfy the demands of children and youth. In the early school years, this issue is solved in general by parents and teachers. Only later, students can decide. In any case, school trips are very good memories you will not forget and will remember for a long time for most people.

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School Travel Planning with parents

Classes first night meeting

The first information should be given at the meeting of the classes at the beginning of the school year and will include:
The purpose of the class trip
Location and duration, brief description of the landscape and the hostel overlooking the hiking destinations for day trips (possibly with slides, images, movies, video).
Costs, funding opportunities for savings plans
Notes to the help of the Office of Social Welfare
Ways to raise money through associations support to schools, banks and financial institutions in cash or in kind donations from companies
Own revenue flea market, Collections (salvage, etc.), selling drinks and food, selling crafts or organizing a raffle.
The determination of the financial framework: For financial reasons, no child should be excluded. Therefore, costs incurred costs are to be kept as low as possible in order not unreasonable burden parents. This should be taken into account in the establishment of destination, the selection of the house and the duration of stay.
You are requested to health problems of students (diabetes, asthma, allergies, etc.) to contact us.
In order not to jeopardize the success of a trip, it may be useful in individual cases to exclude a student from participation.
Additional insurance coverage: The risks of a school trip are covered by the compulsory insurance of accidents. It is advisable to hire a private school insurance, because not all accidents are covered by compulsory insurance for accidents that may occur during the stay.
Important: After the first night of classes give parents written consent.

Classes second night meeting
Stand as subjects in the second meeting of parents:
Overview of program execution (output return daily routine), evidence of leisure, the special duty of supervision
Meet the packing list, including a list of prohibitions for things like fixed blade, walkman radios
Clarification of meals at the lodge; Special meals for Muslims, allergic, vegetarian
Take recommendation, shock-proof water bottle and lunch box lunchbox
Agreement on the amount of pocket money
Rules of parental visits and phone calls: Parents should not call the interests of the hostel, but also in the interest of the students, if possible.
Basically: The decision of whether an affected child can continue to participate in the journey of the class, the teacher meets with a doctor and / or parents.
The consequences for misbehavior.
Important: After the second night courses second written information provided to parents.

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loret De Mar information of travel and video

1. In the many local hotels description, the distance is instructed to the popular beaches. One has to consider that doing the crow is meant. The spa is located on the hills and roads to the beaches can pass through winding streets and roads.
2. The thrifty tourists prefer to choose a hotel in the surroundings of the spa. The prices in the hotels that are located close to the center, are quite high. Many tourists prefer to live in the neighboring town and after Lloret de Mar from by car or public transport to come.
3. One of the most popular means of transport on a resort is the cutter. From early morning to late evening, the cutter along the coast run. With which you can go through the entire coastal territory and to the neighbors cities. The prices are pretty standard, so is the fare to Tossa and back about 15 euros.

4. All beaches are public, so admission is free. The additional payment may be collected only for the hire of sports and beach inventory.

5. On a resort Tipping is common and widespread. The monetary reward you have to give for each service literally. The tip you MUST have the waiters in the restaurants and cafes, the maid in the hotel, as well as city guides and taxi drivers. The reward in the amount of 5 – 10% from service value is enough.

6. It is recommended not to use the services of the individuals. Change currency to rent the car and the tickets for the entertainment events you just in the official organizations.

7. In public, you have to carefully fit the personal belongings and valuables unnecessarily not take to the beach. On a resort cashless payment is spread everywhere. Therefore, it is not necessary mitzuhaben large sums of cash.
8. The connoisseur of Spanish wines can order the wine drink “Sangria Siesta” necessarily in one of the local restaurants. The locals consider it their national drink. It is one of the most popular gifts among tourists.